How Does Instant.Pub Work?

It's Simple!

Content creators upload their PDF documents to our web site. For each document, content owners specify what customer information they want to stamp on the front page and on each additional page, and where that content will be placed including the location, font and font size. When the document is requested, we send the customer an e-mail with your brand, your custom message and a download link.

Upload A Document

When you upload your document, our system automatically scans it for viruses. Then, we detect the documents properties and make it easy for you to change or add to them. You can also customise the PDF security settings. After, you can add overlays to the document and select a license.
Upload document screenshot
New package screenshot

Make a Package

Documents are distributed in packages. Content creators can choose to add one more documents to a package as well as adding licenses and a description. You can also choose to enable a public landing page for your document or an embeddable widget that allows your customers to download your document for free.

Create An Order

When you want to send a package to a customer, it's time to create an order. First you add customers to the order, then select which document package you want to send. When you're ready, Instant.Pub will send the package to your customer on your behalf.
New order screenshot
Live order screenshot

Monitor Order Status

Once your order is sent, you can follow it every step of the way. You can get updates as your customer receives the email, opens the email, and downloads the package. For the more technical people, you can see exactly where the email is as it bounces from server to server on its way to your customer.

Track Use & Misuse

Not everyone out there is honest. Some people want to download your content but intend to use it in ways you don't approve of. Maybe they want to download a book you sell without paying for it. Maybe they want to share it with their friends. Instant.Pub puts you in control. You can use our tools to see where your documents are being downloaded and how often.

If you know that your customer lives in New Jersey and you see that she has tried to download her document a thousand times from the European Union, then you know that your customer has shared the link to her document. Instant.Pub helps you stop these problems before they happen but when that fails, it helps you determine who has broken their agreement with you.
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